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Archive for July 2016

From a dying tree to a stunning new table

There’s nothing like creating something that is both beautiful and unique. And this table certainly falls into both categories. It was commissoned by one of our regular clients for their holiday home. The base is made from the trunk of an old yew tree that was felled and then left to air dry for five years. We…

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Boat House saved from watery grave

This traditional boat house was saved from disappearing into the river. All the timbers were replaced with treated timber sections to the roof and the walls. The roof was cut back to create a balcony area suitable for a small party overlooking the river, with an access staircase. The safety ropes are made from a…

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Adding a glazed floor

This project was our biggest challenge of 2016. Existing balustrading was removed around the existing ceiling lights and 42mm-thick glazed floor panels were fitted within structural steel frames. The panels are strong enough to enable safe foot traffic – and accommodate a table tennis table!

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Country House Bathroom

A complete bathroom refurbishment with replacement wainscot timber panelling to enhance the feel of this period country home.

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Iroko hardwood doors for garage

Custom-designed and built replacement garage doors and frames in Iroko – an extremely tough African hardwood. The wood colour is initially yellow but darkens to a richer reddish-brown over time. The doors are finished in a Sikkens external clear varnish.

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